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Bugs Update 5/2/14

Here’s a list of fixes we implemented over the past few days

  • Added the ability to “jump” to replies in the commenting drawer
  • moved the “replies” button to the bottom of a comment from the top in the comment drawer
  • Re-styled the “Quote” button in the drawer and prevented it from interfering with other buttons within the drawer
  • Configured legacy accounts to remove unintended commenting limitations
  • Fixed areas where Firefox displayed incorrect characters¬†
  • Installed a “Reply” button to the top of the “Discussion” pages so that the user doesn’t have to scroll all the way to the bottom
  • Resolved the scrolling issue in the drawer than occasionally prevents you from scrolling past a certain number of comments
  • Added a link to register for a free commenting account (This is located within the commenting drawer, so for now it’s inaccessible but will be visible soon. For now, here’s the link:¬†

Currently working on:

  • Configuring login process such that it will keep you on the same page instead of returning you to homepage
  • Adding the “jump to” functionality to the comment in which a post is a reply to
  • Increasing server capacity
  • Allowing users to configure email settings

Please send any further issues to: