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Comments Update

Here’s an update on our progress with comments and more.

* We’ve continued through this week to fix various glitches readers have reported with the new commenting system. We’ll post a list here tomorrow of the different fixes we’ve made and which we still have to complete.

* As noted earlier, comments remain visible only to TPM Readers who are logged into the site, whether with a free commenting account or a Prime account.

* We had hoped to have comments again visible to all readers (whether or not you’re logged in to comment) by the end of this week. That will not happen. We now believe we’ll have our server re-architecting completed between Monday and Wednesday of next week. Once that’s done, we’ll redeploy comments for all readers.

* Server speed continues at normal levels. We anticipate a significant increase in download speed once our server re-architecting is complete.

* If you experience problems with the site please contact us at the email on the right.