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Commenting Issue on IE11

Hi All,

A patch we had to implement to fix a bug affecting Firefox 32 users had the unintended consequence of disabling some functionality for Internet Explorer 11 users.

We recently deployed a fix for IE 11 and all should be back to normal.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

- Joe Ragazzo

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Site is Down

The site is down as of 5:35 EST. We are aware of the problem and it should be back up shortly. 

Sorry for the inconvenience.

-Joe Ragazzo

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Hive and Public Comments Now Live

The Hive and public comments are now again functioning on the TPM website.  They were down most of Saturday and Sunday.  We expect to push now feature enhancements to both The Hive and public comments next week.  

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Hive/Comments Update

The Hive and public comments are currently offline as our staff continues to work on server improvements on our system.  We are taking advantage of relative low holiday weekend traffic to do further upgrades. We do not have an exact estimate. But assume that Hive/Comments will be offline for a good part of this afternoon.

More updates when we have them.  

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Server Issues Affecting The Hive and Comments

Over the course of Saturday, May 24th, we’ve experienced intermittent problems with The Hive and public comments tied to server issues with Heroku, We’re aware of the problem and our tech team is working on a fix.  We will update you here as we have more to report.